We help progressive companies build new ventures with exceptional entrepreneurs.

Why Venture Building?

Many industries will evolve more over the next 20 years than over the last 200. Inherent to any change, there’s a great deal of uncertainty, and corporations often struggle to navigate through unprecedented times. The average tenure of a Standard & Poor company has fallen from 67 years in the 1920s to just 15 years today.

Successful business growth requires an understanding of unmet or underserved customer needs and quickly developing new offers that deliver on them.

External venture building counters longer-term growth stagnation and loss of market share, where corporations can’t respond from within their core business or through startup collaborations. Investing in non-core business models gives large corporations an edge, and a head-start, in areas where new entrants and competition will emerge.

How We Work With You

Our model provides significant strategic value to both parties in a business landscape that is increasingly requiring cooperation to build resilience and growth.


Explore the market and confirm if an idea is a suitable co-investment opportunity.

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2-3 m

Go to Market

Build MVPs with potential end-customers, and iterate towards a repeatable, scalable business model.

1-2 y


Rapidly scale the business: employees, customers and revenues.

2-3 y


Integrate the venture back into the group or as a standalone brand.

What Makes Us Different

Proven Processes

We leverage proven studio and startup building processes. We’ve also learned firsthand when to kill futile ideas. We developed a systematic way to quickly validate, refine, and scale new ventures.

Great Execution

Creating a startup is about being agile, resource-constrained, and putting things onto the market rapidly. We go beyond financial capital to provide founders with full support so they can focus on scaling the business: design, engineering, finance, HR, IT, and recruiting.

Leveraging Scarce Resources

We focus on building solutions in collaboration with leading industry corporations. This ensures each solution is validated early while providing the founders with the resources they need to succeed.

Access to Talent

Through our wide network of entrepreneurs, we ensure the core skills are in place to successfully validate, and scale each venture.

Let's build something together.

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Some of our Ventures


Creating a better experience in gifting for special events.


Making green energy accesible for the new world.

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Resetting the Future of Work Agenda

According to a recent report released by McKinsey, around 9.9 million jobs in CEE are at risk due to COVID‐19. About 36% of these jobs are also at risk of displacement due to automation by 2030.