As a Chief Innovation Officer: Are You Missing the Opportunity of Corporate Venture Building?

The adoption of corporate venturing has expanded globally. These are external innovation activities undertaken by corporations to help them gain insights into non-core markets and access to capabilities including investments in startups (CVC), acquiring other businesses (M&A), partnering with accelerators/incubators, or building their own opportunistic ventures.


Innovation: A necessity, not a competitive advantage

When you don’t strive to innovate, you no longer have a team working for you. You’re actually in charge of…


Resetting the Future of Work Agenda

According to a recent report released by McKinsey, around 9.9 million jobs in CEE are at risk due to COVID‐19. About 36% of these jobs are also at risk of displacement due to automation by 2030.


Business Innovation Proposal for Daisler Print House From Romania

DPH is an established company that has pinned down its service-related departments, processes, and procedures. Their capability to custom print their customer’s brand on a vast portfolio of non-branded physical products has been validated and is generating revenue and has year-on-year growth.


10 Step Guide to Launching a New Venture Inside your Company

The fast pace of the modern world is a big challenge for everyone, especially for businesses. Why?

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We knew that the tech startup ecosystem is lacking sales departments inside the fresh-founded companies. Together with Grai we defined a venture structure, services, and technology that proved to be what the market needs. With Grai's experience, venture building systems, and processes we launched the new business in 6 months.

CEO Techmatch

When deciding who to work with we met two camps: people who said they could do everything we said we wanted, and then Grai, who came with a real process and a methodology about how to achieve what we wanted. We were faced with the challenge of turning out tech conference of 1000+ people into a hybrid event and increase sales. – and Grai’s digital strategy approach was the perfect match.

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