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How We Work With Corporates and VCs

We provide startup founders with the commercial expertise and the investment vehicles necessary to operate at full speed.

New ambitious founders are fueling the growth of Central Eastern Europe. If you’re one of them you are either trying to disrupt a traditional industry – energy, insurance, finance, hospitality, retail – or create an entirely new one. As the business landscape continues to evolve, the most innovative companies increasingly require expertise to launch new ideas to market and navigate the investment environment.

Corporate Benefits

Discover new opportunities

Find relevant startups to pilot with, invest in, or acquire to create new product lines and optimise costs.


Drive cultural change

Expose your employees to the entrepreneurial mindset of startups and instil a culture of experimentation.


Enhance brand equity

Strengthen your positioning as a global innovation player and leading startup development contributor


Get access to bespoke startup dealflow

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Investor Benefits

Spot earlier opportunities

Improve the diversity of your pipeline and discover promising companies earlier in their lifetime. We tap into our wider network of partners and “walk the streets” to identify high-quality, early-stage companies in Central Eastern Europe that are unlikely to appear on databases such as Crunchbase, AngelList or Dealroom.

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Join as a partner

Become a strategic partner or investor in one of our ventures. Join our advisory board, have a seat at the table and be the first to access new thinking  and influence the direction of our companies.

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Investor Network

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Resetting the Future of Work Agenda

According to a recent report released by McKinsey, around 9.9 million jobs in CEE are at risk due to COVID‐19. About 36% of these jobs are also at risk of displacement due to automation by 2030.